Lung Care Clinic

Dr. J. David Cowden, RCC

The Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center Lung Care Clinic in Cedar Rapids is a collaboration of local lung specialists dedicated to reducing the risk and diagnosing lung cancer early.

“In lung cancer, early detection saves lives,” said Dr. J. David Cowden, Respiratory Critical Care Iowa.  “The Lung Care Clinic further coordinates the efficient delivery of expert cancer care to each individual, thus setting the mark of excellence for improved outcomes across all measures.”


Dr. Donald Paynter, IPC

Your doctor can refer you for evaluation to the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center of Iowa Lung Care Clinic if you have abnormalities that are suspicious for lung cancer such as lung nodules, mass or adenopathy.

“We want to work with the your referring provider to assure appropriate and timely follow-up of lung abnormalities.” said Dr. Donald Paynter, IPC.  “ Identifying lung cancer early is an extremely important factor in your long term survival.”

The Lung Care Coordinator will work with you to assure compliance with recommended follow-up and provides support and resources to reduce your cancer risk such as tobacco cessation, weight management and environmental factors.  For more information, call the Lung Care Clinic at 319/558-4876.