• Providing exceptional cancer care that places you at the center of all we do.

    We’re called a community cancer center for a reason. Like a community, we come together to help; to support cancer patients and their families.

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    about_aboutPatient-centered cancer care

    Our mission of “Providing exceptional cancer care that places you at the center of all we do” highlights our patient-centered, physician-driven care philosophy.

    This means we bring together a team of physicians who work directly with patients to provide a superior level of comprehensive care.

    Coupled with our Mayo Clinic care collaboration, this means patients can count on an individualized focus backed by world-class research.

    We come together to work, to develop, to better our own community, and its fight against cancer. Offering high-quality care that’s more affordable than traditional, hospital-based care.

    It’s a different kind of cancer care, right here at home.

    Our Vision… what we aspire to be

    “To be recognized as the leader in clinical excellence and innovation in our community.”

    Our Values… what we believe in

    Patient and Family Centered

    We are here first and foremost for our patients and their families. Meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations is at the center of all we do.

    Achieving Excellence

    We adhere to the highest quality standards to deliver superior care and exceptional programs to patients and their families.

    Respect for All

    We value all patients, their families and colleagues in their beliefs, perspectives and wishes.


    The community is better served by collaborative partnerships. Coordination of care improves outcomes and quality of life for patients and their families.


    Tax Information

    As is true of all tax exempt organizations, Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center is are required by federal law to file an annual informational return IRS Form 990 “Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax” and to make that report available to the public upon request. The governing board of Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center is made up of community leaders from Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. These community leaders have determined that its mission is to provide exceptional cancer care that places the patient at the center of all we do. Keep Reading >>

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