Nature Gallery – The Healing Power of Art

Coralville reservoir after the sunset Brrrrr Bird Blind Buddy Big Sky Iowa Awakening at dawn ADM on a cold winters night A Little Motion A Hint of sunshine on cox creek God rays Frozen Oats Flowing Field of dreams 3 Fare well Lansing Eastern Swallow Tail CR lights Gooood morning Clear Lake Grist Mill Snow Sunshine Blue Skies The Softer Side The sunlight pathway The woodies are back Through the windmills eye True Americana Why did the turtle Wild geese Wild hog 055_Yellow flower 054_Yellow flower in bloom 053_Yellow flower close-up 052_Swans swimming 051_Swans in a pond 050_Swan 049_Turtles in the sun 048_Duck in a pond 047_Deer in a field 046_Tree in a field (sponsored by Lumir and Norma Newmeister) 045_Tree in a field 044_Union Pacific Railroad 043_Railroad with bridge 042_Barn in a field_BW 041_Barn in a field 040_Brick road path 039_Field of wildflowers 038_Flowers by the path 037_Purple & white flowers 036_Purple & yellow flowers 035_Pink Blooms_vertical 034_Pink flower vertical 034_Pink Blooms 033_Pink flower close 033_Fall reflections 032_Sunset grass_field 31_Sunset grass_close-up 030_Sunset grass_multiple 029_Sunset grass_vertical 028_Sunset grass 027_One bloom 026_White flower 025_Flower Bud_BW 024_Flower Bud 023_Pink Flowers_BW 022_Pink flowers 021_Cow 020_Spokes 019_Barn 018_Field of Dreams 017_Yellow Flower_Close-up 016_Growing Plants_BW Nature Gallery 014_Red Barn in a Field_BW 004_Windmill 003_Clouds and Trees 005_Theatre Ceadr Rapids_front 005_Theatre Ceadr Rapids_front Antioch School Cows Cows 2 Farmland Farmland 2 Farmland 3 Farmland 4 Farmland 5 Farmland 6 Farmland 7 Lace on Wire Purple Coneflower Wapsi SP Bridge 1 Wapsi SP Bridge 2 Wapsi Bridge 3 Wapsi SP Path Wapsi SP Path Wapsi SP Pine Sprig Wapsi SP Road 1 Wapsi SP Road 2 Wapsi Road 3 Wapsi SP Woods 1 Wapsi SP Woods 2 Yellow Flower Blue Sky

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