What We Do


At the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center, we do more than just treat cancer.

Because we’re a community cancer center, we’re able to provide access to a superior combination of support services, clinical staff and personalized, multidisciplinary patient care. We understand that everyone comes to the cancer center with different needs. We examine those needs with our expert teams to provide the best possible outcome for patients, caregivers and survivors. Some may be seeking preventative care, while others are seeking treatment. No matter what you need, we can help.


Our prevention programs and clinics include screenings for a variety of cancers including skin, breast, colon, prostate and lung. Learn more.


Together with over 200 clinical partners, including UnityPoint Health and Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, we focus exclusively on cancer and blood disorders and have seen cases of every kind. Our collaborative approach and depth of treatment experience contributes to every aspect of your care. Learn more.


It takes time to find a new normal after cancer. Our wellness programs, family and caregiver support, and survivorship services are here to help survivors whether they completed treatment yesterday or decades ago. The center is open to any survivor, no matter where or when they received treatment. Learn more.

Fight your cancer with confidence

Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer understands the uncertainty it creates. Patients can feel unsure what their diagnosis really means. Caregivers don’t know how to find all the treatment options available for their loved one. Survivors aren’t sure if they will ever feel like themselves again.

Don’t keep these concerns to yourself. Get connected with our team at the Nassif Community Cancer Center to find the answers and support you’re looking for so you feel confident about your cancer care.

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