Colon Cancer

Biking for a Cause: 2500 Miles for Colon Cancer Awareness

In July 2019, 38-year-old Zach Douglas of Cedar Rapids, IA underwent a CT scan. In the months prior, he had been experiencing various symptoms. Abdominal pain, blood in his stools …

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Genetic testing helped Dave Strowmatt’s entire family be proactive

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Dave Strowmatt’s message is simple: “Listen to your body and get checked when something doesn’t feel right.” He’s had experience. In September 2015, Strowmatt visited his family physician after dealing …

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Honoring Someone Near and Dear

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“Casual for a Cause” day helps local business celebrate co-worker and cancer survivor On February 2, 2017, Kellie Lindblom was at work when she learned she had colon cancer. One …

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Coordinating the Battle Against Colon Cancer

Care coordinator helps patient get the services and support she needs. “I was at work in February 2017 when my doctor called to say I had colon cancer,” says Kellie …

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With You Every Step of the Way

Coordinated care is the hallmark of Nassif Community Cancer Center

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“Colon cancer is so preventable.”

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Cancer specialist says early detection can save lives Dr. William Fusselman is an expert at treating colon cancer. But he’d rather patients didn’t need his services at all. “Colon cancer …

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Jo Moore, Colon Cancer Survivor

Like many of us, Jo Moore of Marion, Iowa, has struggled with weight control over the years. While not a big eater, Moore observed “the weight just likes me” and …

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