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  • Clinical trials

    clinical_trialsClinical trials

    As part of your diagnosis and treatment planning process, you will be screened for eligibility to participate in a clinical trial. The goal of a clinical trial is to provide patients with the most current treatment options available using a trial designed to answer specific questions about a new drug, therapy, vaccine or new way of using an existing treatment. Participation in a clinical trial is always voluntary.

    Clinical trials can be focused on improving the quality of life for cancer patients by decreasing treatment related side effects, offering a new treatment drug, or learning the benefits of one drug over another.

     Clinical trials are categorized into one of four types:

    • Phase I – This is a study open to a fairly small group of people, usually less than 30 people and focuses on identifying a safe dose range and determining side effects.
    • Phase II – Focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of a particular drug or vaccine with a defined diagnosis and open to up to 100 patients.
    • Phase III – This phase further evaluates drugs or vaccines that have shown effectiveness in phase I and II studies. These trials are open to more people, usually from 100 to thousands.
    • Phase IV – This type of clinical trial evaluates long term safety and effectiveness of drugs or vaccines already on the market. These trials are open to large numbers of patients, from several hundred to several thousand.

    The Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center and Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa–Hematology & Oncology have access to federally-funded trials through the National Cancer Institute (NCI), as well as trials through industry or pharmaceutical companies that have an oncology specific focus.

    If you would like to learn more about clinical trial options available to you, please speak to a member of your healthcare team or call (319) 558-4876 and ask to speak to a Clinical Trial Coordinator.

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