Survivorship Clinic Support Services

At the Survivorship Clinic at the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center, our medical, psychological and social services focus on education, prevention, surveillance, intervention and coordination. Continue reading below for more information on the support services we provide at the Survivorship Clinic. To request an appointment, click here.

Cook Cancer Wellness Program

Provides physical, nutritional and psychosocial support. A focus is on:

  • family and individual counseling
  • group and individual exercise programs
  • one-on-one or group nutritional education
  • spiritual support
  • caregiver support and resources
  • complementary services such as Reiki, massage, Mind/Body Skills Workshop
  • financial resources

Body Image and Sexuality

Our certified sex therapists are available to cancer survivors and their significant others.


A licensed counselor can assess and counsel you and your support team for psychological, sexuality or social concerns.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist specializes in massage for cancer survivors, including lymph massage.

Palliative Care Services

We’ll help you and your family make decisions that match your goals with the best possible care for ongoing medical conditions.


Learn about the foods that help manage symptoms, weight and your risk for developing cancer in the future.

Spiritual Support

Receive support and counseling from a member of the faith community.

Cancer Risk Assessment Services

We’ll gather genetic information about you and your family to determine your risk for developing specific cancers.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Receive individualized medication counseling and behavioral support to quit smoking.

Cancer Transitions

This free six-week workshop is designed to help you make the transition from active treatment to life after treatment.

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