The DCIS Test

DCISionRT uses tissue from a biopsy or surgery of the breast to create a cancer risk profile for each individual patient based on the biology of their tumor. DCISionRT is intended to be used along with your provider’s evidence-based workup to determine if you would benefit from radiation therapy as part of treatment that is personalized to you.

Your unique profile will be combined with several risk factors using the DCISionRT algorithms to determine your individual risk profile. This will help you and your physician understand your risk of recurrence over the next ten years and decide if radiation therapy as part of your treatment plan will decrease this risk.

Patients will need a consult at the St. Luke’s Nassif Radiation Center prior to testing. If you are interested in learning more about DCISionRT or other clinical research trials we have open at our site please call us at (319) 368-5514.

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