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Big Sky Iowa Eastern Swallow Tail True Americana 021_Cow 034_Pink Blooms 017_Yellow Flower_Close-up Wild geese 048_Duck in a pond 042_Barn in a field_BW Through the windmills eye 018_Field of Dreams Flowing 043_Railroad with bridge Frozen Oats 027_One bloom 033_Pink flower close Sunshine Blue Skies Field of dreams 3 004_Windmill A Little Motion tree in field 046_Tree in a field (sponsored by Lumir and Norma Newmeister) The woodies are back tree branches 051_Swans in a pond DCIM100GOPRO 029_Sunset grass_vertical 049_Turtles in the sun 036_Purple & yellow flowers 044_Union Pacific Railroad Grist Mill Snow God rays The Softer Side 053_Yellow flower close-up 023_Pink Flowers_BW 035_Pink Blooms_vertical red barn in field GS 014_Red Barn in a Field_BW 050_Swan 019_Barn tree in yard 045_Tree in a field Gooood morning Clear Lake Bird Blind Buddy clouds 003_Clouds and Trees 005_Theatre Ceadr Rapids_front 025_Flower Bud_BW 037_Purple & white flowers Why did the turtle red barn in field color Nature Gallery Fare well Lansing 054_Yellow flower in bloom ADM on a cold winters night Wild hog The sunlight pathway 040_Brick road path Brrrrr 022_Pink flowers 047_Deer in a field 030_Sunset grass_multiple CR lights 016_Growing Plants_BW A Hint of sunshine on cox creek Awakening at dawn 052_Swans swimming 005_Theatre Ceadr Rapids_front 31_Sunset grass_close-up 041_Barn in a field 020_Spokes 039_Field of wildflowers 032_Sunset grass_field 034_Pink flower vertical 055_Yellow flower 038_Flowers by the path ice on trees 024_Flower Bud 028_Sunset grass 026_White flower Coralville reservoir after the sunset

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