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Let Exercise Empower You

Exercise can benefit patients, survivors and caregivers in many ways. From lessening the side effects of treatment, to reducing stress and preventing cancer from returning. Exercise is an important part of your cancer journey. At the Community Cancer Center we offer a variety of group exercise classes as well as open gym times. You can work directly with our cancer exercise specialist on staff to create an individualized exercise plan.

Cancer and Exercise: How a little physical activity can go a long way

While the exact science behind why exercise helps to prevent cancer is still unknown, studies show there are three main factors that are thought to help decrease the risk. Read more.

Cancer Prevention Month: How exercise can help

We dive into the topic of exercise and its benefit to patients, survivors, caregivers and anyone looking to lower their risk. Read more.


Diet and Exercise Slips: Why they happen and how to overcome them

Things don’t always go as planned, slips happen and are normal when making lifestyle changes. However, they don’t have to derail your progress. Read more.


Your Team

Our Cancer Exercise Specialist, Matt Schmitz, is available to help cancer patients and their families. Click below to learn more about Matt.

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