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    A cancer diagnosis comes with a range of emotions… feeling uncertain, frightened, and overwhelmed. Our collaborative approach ensures you’ll have access to a wide range of specialists, treatments, and resources, for a peace of mind that’s the best kind of medicine.

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  • My Care



    A hands-on approach to managing your cancer care

    To help patients and their families, better understand and manage their cancer treatment plan, we created My Care.

    My Care is an individualized approach to assuring you understand your diagnosis, your treatment plan and all aspects of wellness from your initial diagnosis through survivorship.

    The information includes:

    • Diagnosis and Treatment – Staging, Treatment Plan, Genetics, Clinical Trial
    • Side Effect Management – Staying well during treatment
    • Wellness and Quality of Life – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual
    • My Records – Test Results, Personal Health Records
    • Radiation Therapy – Treatment Plan
    • Resources – Local Contacts, Website, Financial, Glossary

    To accommodate loved ones across the country who want to participate in your treatment program, we have made the My Care documents available for download below.




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