High Risk Breast Cancer Program


Know yourself. Know your health.

Some families may have an increased risk for breast cancer due to personal risk factors, family history, a hereditary cancer syndrome or a gene mutation in their family. These women may have a 20-85 percent chance of developing breast cancer during their lifetime.

Our Genetics and Risk Assessment Clinic is one of many services available through the High-Risk Breast Cancer Program. Healthcare professionals on a multidisciplinary team, including medical oncologists and surgeons from Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, will help you manage your breast cancer risk by providing:

  • Education about hereditary cancer syndromes
  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Personalized screening plan
  • Coordination of specialist appointments, if needed
  • Prevention strategies that include nutrition, exercise and psycho-social counseling

Screening and close monitoring are essential to catching breast cancer in its earliest stages.

For more information, contact the Nassif Community Cancer Center at (319) 558-4876(319) 558-4876.

PODCAST EPISODE: Breast Cancer Screening
Therese Michels, manager at St. Luke’s Breast and Bone Health, joins Dr. Arnold to discuss mammogram recommendations, dense breast tissue, mammogram technologies, how the pandemic affected breast cancer screening and more.

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