Fighting Cancer Together


At the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center we take a collaborative approach to cancer. From prevention, to treatment, to healing, your team is tailored to you and they are with you every step of the way, fighting cancer together. Watch below to see what sets us apart.

We are your “coach” in your fight against cancer.

“With this team, they were my coach they were the one’s trying to keep me up and keep me mentally in the game.”

Read Tony’s story.

Coordinated care that is focused on you.

“We hope patients walk away knowing we care about them, we value their input, we see them as a person, we really do want to get to know them and that helps us give them the care we’d want our loved ones to have.”

Genetic testing to help you take steps toward prevention.

“Knowing gives us a little more power to take control over our own health versus just letting the chips fall where they may.”

Take our genetic testing questionnaire to see if you could benefit from genetic testing.

Wellness programs to empower our patients.

“There’s a great link between exercise and physical and mental health, especially with someone who’s going through treatment and post-treatment.”

Learn more about wellness programs at the Community Cancer Center.


You don’t have to face cancer alone. At the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center you’ll have an entire team with you along the way, fighting cancer together.

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