Julie Ruehle, RN

RN, Kirkwood Community College

Registered Nurse





Julie Ruehle, RN, is one of the Care Coordinators at the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center. She received her RN diploma from Kirkwood Community College.

Julie chose to go into her field after observing the impact of nurses and their care for her grandpa and uncle during their illnesses, as well as her own personal experiences. “This resulted in me reflecting on life choices,” said Julie. “I wanted more fulfilling work that made a difference, so I pursued a career change and returned to school for nursing.”

The qualities Julie uses to describe her care are listening, compassion, advocating for patients and keeping them informed. “This is already a time when patients and their loved ones are anxious,” said Julie. “So it’s even more important to educate them about each step of the process, the time frames and follow up as promised.”

When asked what motivates her each day, Julie said, “My patients and their loved ones, as well as being part of a cohesive team comprised of a variety of resources where each person collaborates and is committed to helping patients win their battle against cancer.”

The message Julie would like to share with her patients is, “Every patient has a unique story and journey. To provide the best care possible, I find it is important to put myself in my patient’s shoes and meet them where they are at.”

In her free time Julie enjoys biking and spending time with her two children.

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